With the federal law banning expanded sports betting under scrutiny by the U.S. Supreme Court, a new report from GamblingCompliance maps out the size and scope of an American market in which all U.S. states are able to regulate sports wagering.  

According to the report, a decision to overturn the federal ban would trigger the creation, within roughly five years, of a market spanning 21 states and worth an estimated $2bn in annual gross gaming revenue.

The full report, exclusive to GamblingCompliance Americas Premium subscribers, also includes analysis of:

  • Legal and lobbying obstacles likely to slow or stifle expansion.
  • Possible outcomes of the pending Supreme Court case and their impact on sports-betting expansion.
  • The prospects for federal legislation.
  • Key regulatory issues – from tax to integrity – that will need to be considered by U.S. policymakers charged with crafting future sports-betting regimes.

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