This tracker, produced by GamblingCompliance, offers our subscribers the opportunity to follow the Advertising Standards Authority's (ASA) rulings relating to gambling advertising, and includes information on the company/agency affected, the main issue with the given advert, the number of complaints made, the ASA’s decision and the action taken. The tracker enables users to filter information in accordance with their interests.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is the independent advertising regulator of the United Kingdom. Its key function is to ensure adverts around the country adhere to advertising rules, the Advertising Codes. To this end, the ASA responds to consumer and business complaints but also deals with cases on its own initiative, and has the authority to ban misleading, harmful, offensive or irresponsible ads.

The ASA’s rulings cover everyone in the advertising industry — it is not possible to opt out. Therefore, adverts found to be in breach of the Advertising Codes must be withdrawn or amended. Sanctions may be applied to those unwilling or unable to adhere to the rules.

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