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Insights & Analysis

We deliver daily industry-leading insights and analysis on fast-changing, critical and complex developments, which affect organisations across the globe.

Practical Guidance

Produced by our in-house team of legal experts, our reports cover gambling regulation and market opportunities for more than 180 global jurisdictions and offer extensive analysis across all gaming sectors.

Compliance Portals

Access comprehensive subject matter expertise on the AML, Data Protection and Responsible Gambling regulatory environments, through practical guides, research and reports, and expert regulatory-focused intelligence.


Prepare for changing regulations using our compliance management solution. Updated in real time by our world-class legal team, ensure your organisation can effectively understand, anticipate and comply with changing requirements.

US Internet Gambling Regulatory Tracker

Our tracker allows you to easily monitor US online gambling legislation. It provides detail on what kind of legislation is pending in each jurisdiction, the key points of that legislation, and projects when, or whether, that legislation will likely be enacted. Charts also allow you to visually compare tax rates, licensing structures and other key criteria.

Online Gambling Regulatory Alerts

Delivered direct to your inbox, our alerts substantially decrease your exposure. This is a real-time risk monitoring service, saving you time, effort and money. More than 1,000 sources checked daily, across more than 100 jurisdictions.