Regulatory pressure on slot machines throughout the world has rarely been more intense, with numerous national and regional governments taking recent action to cut stakes, pull machines from the market or impose other regulatory restrictions on slot operators.

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Increased compliance and licensing obligations have contributed to a steady fall in the number of licensed gambling operators in New Zealand pubs and clubs.
The Indiana Senate voted last week to crack down on unlicensed gambling machines, known as Cherry Masters, but the state’s ambivalence over expanded gambling is likely to make enforcement impossible.
With 12 working days to go before the April 27th deadline for filing operating licence applications to ensure continuity of business after September 1st, the Gambling Commission and DCMS still have...
The Gaming board claims that Philadelphia City Council’s authorisation of a May referendum on casino gambling in the city is a violation of its power to decide the location of casinos in the state.
Svenska Spel, Sweden's state-owned gambling company, has been accused of deliberately placing gaming machines in areas with major social problems and low average incomes.
Sala Udin, president of Gaming Ventures LLC, has told the Pennsylvania House Gaming Oversight Committee that their slot machine supplier license is now worthless because legislative changes have...
A surprise ruling delivered by the European Free Trade Association, has cleared the way for Norway's government to establish a state monopoly on gambling machines.
Goldman believes that stricter regulations on pachinko parlours and machine operators will increase the need for more recreational-style machines that are compliant with upcoming regulations.
Existing casino and gaming hall operators are considering moving out of Kazakhstan amid concerns that new, restrictive regulations on gambling will hit the industry severely.
Under the regulations that will govern gaming after September 1st, pubs will be allowed to offer a limited number of low stakes gaming opportunities to customers.
In accordance with the 2005 Act, certain non-skill gaming machines require publicans and club owners to obtain a permit from licensing authorities.
5. Dispute resolutionSocial responsibility code provision ...
According to the head of the country’s national lottery, just one-third of known slot machine operators in Bolivia are properly licensed and new measures are necessary in order to protect children...
The President of El Salvador, Antonio Saca, has insisted that his government will enforce the law that prohibits slot machines despite protests from gaming operators that they have paid taxes to...
Republicans voice opposition to new compacts signed with 27 Indian tribes that will allow for thousands more slot machines in the state’s reservation casinos.
As the Seminole Indians threaten the state of Florida with legal action over its gambling restrictions, Governor Crist has indicated that he is willing to negotiate.