Although land-based casinos are regulated throughout the world, different jurisdictions continue to adopt divergent policy approaches, from limits on licenses or the size of gaming floors, to tax rates.

GamblingCompliance helps casino operators to identify new markets for growth and analyze local regulatory environments to support their investment decisions, while helping suppliers determine the legality of different products in the jurisdictions in which they provide services.

We also help casinos and their advisors address challenges presented by rising expectations in anti-money laundering compliance, and to understand the threats and opportunities presented by regulatory regimes for online casino gaming.

A new ruling has given the green light to the expansion of betting shops in Mexico, but the legalisation of casinos remains a distant prospect.
The Guyanese government announced last week that it has approved the Gambling Prevention (Amendment) Bill that green lights the introduction of casinos to the South American country.
Chilean moratorium set to end in September but uncertainty remains over new casino laws as tribunal reviews 2005 act.
Russia’s draconian new casino laws, which will ultimately ban gambling except in four remote zones, look set to create an net outflow of casino and slot hall operational talent, as some of the best...