Bingo and electronic bingo machines remain a major component of the global gaming industry, with particular prominence in parts of Latin America, Europe and the tribal casino sector in the United States.

GamblingCompliance’s reports and analysis outline the types of gaming products that are permitted in bingo halls in different jurisdictions and the licensing requirements for suppliers and operators, while allowing subscribers to track the progress of legislation in major new markets, such as Brazil.

Scottish bingo operator petitions the Scottish parliament for tax breaks whilst Rank announces the closure of nine bingo halls in England before the implementation of the smoking ban in July.
Greentrack in Eutaw, Alabama is continuing to operate video bingo machines despite an Alabama Supreme Court ruling that video lottery machines are illegal.
Venezuela’s controversial President Hugo Chávez has hinted that he may make moves against casinos and bingos as part of his plans to install “21st century socialism” in Venezuela.