GamblingCompliance Webinar: How Can Gambling Operators Responsibly Manage VIPs?

Tuesday, November 12th 2019

From London to Macau to Melbourne, VIPs form a significant part of gambling operators businesses. However, it is far from clear whether VIP needs are being managed correctly when it comes to identifying problem gambling. 

GamblingCompliance hosts a live panel discussion examining the changing approaches to the responsible management of VIPs and the unique social responsibility challenges they present.

The topics covered include:

- What do we know about problem gambling at the VIP level?

- Are VIPs sheltered from social responsibility obligations that are present elsewhere within operators? 

- What are the tensions between activation (and re-activation) of VIPs and responsible gambling? 

- How does the treatment of land-based VIP customers and online VIPs differ and what lessons can be learned? 

- With increased regulatory scrutiny, how will the role of VIP manager be changing?

You can view the full recording below, or download now via Vimeo here.

You can also download the full slide deck here.