GamblingCompliance Podcast Episode Three. How Can Gambling Operators Responsibly Manage VIPs? (Part 1)

Friday, November 15th 2019

Joe Ewens and Andrew Gellatly host the first part of our recent Webinar which looked into how gambling operators can responsibly manage VIPs.

GamblingCompliance recently hosted a live panel discussion on the changing approaches to the responsible management of VIPs and the unique social responsibility challenges they present.

Moderated by Andrew Gellatly, GamblingCompliance's Head of Global Research, and featuring expert analysis from: Jon Duffy from Genting Casinos UK; Dan Waugh from Regulus Partners; and David Clifton the co-founder of Clifton Davies Consultancy.

This is part one of the discussion where the panel examines what a VIP actually is and how operators deal with the very palpable tension between a commercial imperative to encourage their big spenders to spend more and how they work to meet there significant responsible gambling obligations.

Listen to the GamblingCompliance Podcast Episode 3 now or download and listen on the go.

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