GamblingCompliance Podcast Episode Five. UK Online Gambling Market: Data Forecasting & Market Shares

Thursday, December 19th 2019

Joe Ewens and Danny Stone discuss the key finding of the 2019 UK Data Forecasting and Market Shares report with Joe Thomas from HSBC

This episode of the GamblingCompliance podcast focuses on the key findings of the 2019 edition of the UK Data Forecasting and Market Shares report, including analysis of operator-level market shares by product vertical.

Recorded on the day that the country went to the polls in the latest general election, Managing Editor Joe Ewens, Head of Data Content Daniel Stone and HSBC Equity Analyst Joe Thomas discussed the current scale and growth outlook of the UK online gambling market and the regulatory headwinds affecting the sector.

The potential impact of a £2 limit on online slot stakes and the manifesto promises of each major political party were examined.

The podcast concluded with a review of share price trends in 2019 and an insight into what investors in major UK-facing operators are concerned about going into 2020.

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