February 2019 Media Coverage

Thursday, February 21st 2019

Mountains of money. Regulation of bets will bring fortune to country teams, will make guessers win an extra, but see dilemmas

Published by UOL Sport, Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

There comes a change, both in Brazil, with the regulation of sports betting. A new culture of hunches among Brazilians is born, very different from the lottery fever of the days of Zebrinha do Fant√°stico. More than that, the expectation is that the sector dumps "rivers of money" in the country's football.

"There are many options, but Brazil will have to decide whether it will have a centralized control system, where a single agency is responsible for monitoring, or instead allow operators or groups of operators to monitor their own standards" - James Kilsby, Vice President, U.S., GamblingCompliance.

"This is another benefit of having a regulated market in which operators are required to offer this kind of protection mechanism to their customers," said James Kilsby, executive of GamblingCompliance, a body that regulates the industry outside Brazil.

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