Case Study: Why GamblingCompliance is the key go-to source for daily fantasy sports operators

Tuesday, September 25th 2018

Jonathan Edson, Senior Vice President, Business Development, FanDuel

The Challenge

FanDuel is a US daily fantasy sports provider and sportsbookmaker that works with US casinos, suppliers and technology providers. It has a number of marketing partnerships and other strategic deals, including with media and professional sports teams.

With the US sports-betting market opening up since the Supreme Court's decision to overturn the ban in the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) earlier this year, the situation has placed even more emphasis on the quality of regulatory information the company receives.

The Solution

“We felt we needed to subscribe because GamblingCompliance provided the one-stop-shop option for developments on the industry, specifically for the US and also on the European side,” says Jonathan Edson, senior vice president for business development at the company. “It is useful because it doesn't just follow the regulatory and compliance angle but it also covers the business angle and has data for comparative purposes.”

GamblingCompliance’s product can also truly help operators understand the developing and complicated landscape. “Being able to go to one place to find out what is happening in New Jersey, or Pennsylvania or Ohio is invaluable and also to see what other competitors are doing.”

FanDuel also utilised the "Watchlist", our custom email facility, to tailor the information to its own requirements. “At least once a day there will be an article that is important or informative to me,” he points out. “I also appreciate the global reports – which are comprehensive and in-depth on the US – and they also feature very good summaries.”

The Outcome

GamblingCompliance’s information has been critical to helping Jonathan structure deals and identify new opportunities. Although the company is very much US-focused, the company is very interested in what is happening internationally, as this can help inform decisions for the US market, and where GamblingCompliance’s content is vital to the business.

The breadth and level of detail contained within GamblingCompliance’s content, whether insights or reports, is what makes the service a must-have for FanDuel.

“The bottom line is that I need to be better informed about the category and GamblingCompliance is one of my key go-to sources.”