Case Study: How GamblingCompliance supports software providers in achieving their licensing requirements

Tuesday, September 25th 2018

Tommaso Di Chio, Senior Legal and Regulatory Counsel, Kambi

The Challenge

Kambi is a global B2B sports-betting software provider to licensed gaming operators. With six offices around the world, it is Tommaso Di Chio’s, senior legal and regulatory counsel, task to oversee global regulatory developments. Tommaso needed a solution that would help build his knowledge on how regulation is evolving across the globe and supplement his information on the gaming industry. “I have tried other services but they are focused much more on other topics,” he states. “We continue to subscribe to GamblingCompliance because it is comprehensive and trustworthy. Also when I talk with colleagues within the industry, they tell me they also use and trust GamblingCompliance.”

The Solution

The level of insight provided by GamblingCompliance gives a valuable global perspective, one which is central to Tommaso’s daily workflow. GamblingCompliance allows Tommaso to anticipate what is going on in new markets or any change in regime, information which he will then pass on to management. Utilising tools such as the Report Builder, where information on aspects of various regimes and jurisdictions is easy to locate and compared in one uniform report, allows Tommaso to easily access the depth of information he requires for each jurisdiction. Kambi has also rolled out GamblingCompliance’s interactive eLearning online courses on anti-money laundering and data protection to all its employees.

The Outcome

Our solution helps Tommaso and Kambi ensure they remain knowledgeable of the industry and compliant. The flexibility of the eLearning platform means that Kambi can use the off-the-shelf courses but tailor them with bespoke elements directly applicable to its business.

“It also helps educate our employees with a better understanding and knowledge of where regulation sits within our company and its importance.”