Case Study: How GamblingCompliance helps form the framework for research

Tuesday, December 4th 2018

Linda Mullan, Head of Group Legal, Better Collective

The Challenge

Better Collective is a Copenhagen-based super-affiliate that works across a number of European markets, particularly in Scandinavia but also in the UK, Germany, Italy, France and elsewhere. The company’s website publishes content marketing material in 36 languages and is expanding in the US.

The affiliate market and Better Collective itself have expanded enormously in recent years. These developments led to Better Collective’s legal team expanding in order to manage the growing regulatory demands and required Linda Mullan, Head of Group Legal, to find a solution that would help her simplify the research process and better manage their business risk.

The Solution

“We needed to know the relevant issues in each market and what would be required of us to operate in those markets,” Linda says. “GamblingCompliance helps us with the research for each country. It also helps in terms of countries that don’t have a lot, or any, English language resources.”

As their legal team has increased, so has the use of GamblingCompliance’s solutions.

“One of our legal team uses of the service is specifically with regard to affiliate marketing rules and regulations — plus we use it to keep on top of the news. Our business development team is also interested in the articles to remain updated.”

The Outcome

Linda points out that with the use of GamblingCompliance, her team has the information on hand for a number of countries in one place.

“GamblingCompliance helps with decisions regarding market opportunities.” She points to recent developments in Switzerland, where a referendum backed a bill for a restricted online gambling regime, as well the complex German market.

Diversity of Information

The breadth of the GamblingCompliance product is also useful to the company. “You have a variety of types of information,” says Linda. “The legal and regulatory perspective, reports on the growth of operators, which are very useful to us when we are assessing partnerships and markets and the best way for us to conduct ourselves.”

Then there is the effectiveness of what GamblingCompliance’s solutions are able to offer.

“Having GamblingCompliance as a starting point helps us be more efficient. It can narrow down the volume of research before we look in-depth. Getting an overview of issues can help us understand the current state of the market and which areas will need further digging into.”