Affiliates: It pays to be compliant

Wednesday, October 11th 2017

Affiliates are coming under increasing scrutiny from regulators keen to rein in opportunistic advertising practices, as well as operators suddenly held accountable in some jurisdictions for the actions of their advertising partners.

The UK Gambling Commission kicked off widespread concern about the operator/affiliate relations when in May 2017 it fined BGO Entertainment £300,000 for failing to correct the marketing practices of its affiliate.

Sky Bet has provided the latest flashpoint by dramatically dropping its entire affiliate programme, citing the complexity of remaining compliant.

At GamblingCompliance we specialise in providing the essential legal and regulatory intelligence your organisation needs to make well-informed business decisions, harness fresh opportunities and minimise risk. Our new Practical Guides offer essential information and guidance on ensuring compliance with GDPR and UK regulations and avoiding commercial consequences.


Practical Guide: UK Rules Relating to Affiliate Activities, and Impact for Operators and Affiliates

This practical guide outlines in detail the regulations that are most relevant for the activities of affiliates and explains the impact of these regulations for both operators and affiliates, including the commercial consequences of infringement.
£595 (£295 for existing subscribers)

Table of Contents 

> Regulations concerning affiliate marketing
> Impacts for operators
> Impacts for affiliates and the changing landscape
> Key regulations and regulatory bodies



Practical Guide: Gambling Affiliates and the GDPR

This practical guide provides an overview of the various data protection challenges for gambling affiliates that are coming under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and how they could potentially deal with them.
£595 (£295 for existing subscribers)

Table of Contents 

> Recent interest from regulators
> Why gambling affiliates should particularly consider the matter of personal data protection?
> Difference between data controller and data processor
> Affiliates acting as data controllers
> Affiliates acting as data processors
> Conclusion