Vegas Super-Bookie ‘Roxy’ Says Supreme Court Holds Key To Sports Betting’s Future

He did not let a conviction for violating the U.S. Wire Act stop him from becoming the premier oddsmaker in America, but Michael “Roxy” Roxborough is not interested in handicapping a U.S. Supreme Court decision which, he says, will determine the future of sports betting.

As the sun blazes on another 100-degree plus summer day in southern Nevada, my cab pulls up to the luxurious and gated high-rise condominium complex of Turnberry Place overlooking Las Vegas Boulevard, otherwise known as The Strip.

After the gate attendant writes something down as she inspects my driver’s license, the gate opens and the cab drives to Tower Four.

Inside is a circular lobby with a marble floor and someone at the desk says, “Mr. Roxborough will be right down.”

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