UK Advertising Regulator Brands Lottoland Powerball Jackpot Deceptive

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has today chastised Lottoland for not making it clear enough that if you win a bet on the US Powerball multi-state lottery, you will not be paid the headline amount.

Lottoland bettors who effectively hit the jackpot by choosing the right numbers in the US Powerball mega-jackpot lottery are paid as if they won the jackpot in the United States, according to terms and conditions that the ASA has said are not clear.

Being paid in the US-style means that the winner of a Powerball lottery bet will be paid as if tax has been deducted from the jackpot, as it is in the actual US draw.

If a winner chooses to be paid in a lump sum, they get less money — 40 percent less than if they chose to be paid by annuity over 30 years.

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