Insights & Analysis

A new academic study suggests there is more gambling advertising during football broadcasts on the supposedly commercial-free BBC than there is on subscription-based Sky Television.

The latest in a series of high-profile gambling cryptocurrencies is set to launch next month, against a backdrop of mounting security concerns around the lucrative "initial coin offering" (ICO) funding mechanism that underpins them.

Tasmanian gaming monopoly holder Federal Group has offered to conclude its decades-long grip on the Australian state’s slot machine segment in return for tax cuts for the company’s surviving operations.

East Dundee and Washington are just two of the communities throughout Illinois where elected officials are considering changes to local ordinances governing the number of video gaming terminal (VGT) licenses that can be issued in their jurisdictions.

Major affiliate advertising company Catena has posted strong Q2 results, just days after the publication of a ruling from the Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) ordering it to stop advertising for gambling operations not licensed in the Netherlands.

A new crackdown by Beijing on outbound foreign investment could affect major land-based gaming investments, after officials included gambling in a list of banned sectors for Chinese corporate investors.

Regulatory Research

The German states agreed on changes to the gambling legislation in March 2017, which could make unlimited sports-betting licences available...
Combined online gross gaming revenue across Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania grew to €48m in 2016 in the presence of controversial website...
Germany transposed the 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive in June 2017 in a new AML Act. Matthias Spitz and Jessica Maier of German law...