For over 14 years, VIXIO GamblingCompliance has been relied upon to provide the most trusted, reliable and independent intelligence to the global gambling industry. 

As part of our continued commitment to providing you with a market-leading service, we are making significant enhancements, upgrading the user-experience so that it is even quicker and simpler to stay ahead of regulatory compliance and find a competitive advantage.

The new VIXIO GamblingCompliance platform includes a brand new layout which is more intuitive and easier to navigate the site.  As well as improved search and new features.  Built using the latest technology, it will provide all the insight you need, in an instant.


We will notify you again 5 days, and 1 day in advance to your switch over to the new platform. At this time we will provide you with the details you require for a smooth transition, including your new password and log-in details. 

Important Note: Your watchlist, reports, notes and bookmarks will not be migrated across with your new profile. Your VIXIO representative will be in touch to assist once you have migrated across. 

See some of the new and improved VIXIO GamblingCompliance features below:

Discovery & Search
We’ve reworked the end-to-end navigation of the VIXIO GamblingCompliance platform. Discovering expert insight and analysis is now easier than ever through the revamped navigation and the updated simplified layout. Cleaner article layout allows users to easily read and digest articles either at a glance or in-depth. The completely rebuilt search function vastly improves search results, allowing users to filter through content, jurisdiction, relevancy and recency.


New Regulatory Tools
We’ve revamped the way users can query the VIXIO GamblingCompliance regulatory database. Easily compare multi-jurisdictional or sector regulatory information in just a few clicks. New and improved tools available to users provide highly customisable reports for comparison, allowing users to conduct complex regulatory research in a matter of minutes. Tailor and customise your homepage and watchlists to monitor the jurisdictions and sectors that matter to you.  

Improved User Experience
From page layouts, imagery, to overall site navigation, each element has been enhanced and improved to ensure users of the new VIXIO GamblingCompliance platform can intuitively find what they are looking for. The brand new user-interface provides a cleaner and less cluttered experience regardless of device or browser.




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  • Watchlist

  • Search

  • Bookmarks

If you have any questions or queries about the new VIXIO GamblingCompliance, please contact your account manager or speak to us here

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