We’ve vastly improved the navigation and user interface so users can get to answers in a fast and intuitive way. The streamlined and simplified navigation makes discovering insights more instinctive, whilst the enhanced user-interface makes it cleaner and less cluttered with content summaries making information easily digestible.

Brand New User Interface

The layout across the platform has been revamped. Navigation Menu, Jurisdiction Pages, Articles, Guides and Trackers have all been enhanced to better suit the reader and reduce clutter.

Effortlessly and intuitively work your way through the new platform with the consolidated menu navigation and updated interface. The VIXIO GamblingCompliance experience has been optimised for the user, regardless of the device or desktop.

Content Layout & Features

The brand new ‘Recent Developments’ and time-stamped updates have been implemented to ensure readers do not miss an update made by one of the VIXIO GamblingCompliance analysts on a jurisdiction page or country report. The new ‘Search Within’ function instantly allows users to enter search terms into the Country/Jurisdiction to instantly narrow down their search within the confines of the jurisdiction.

The layout of ‘Insight & Analysis’ articles have been revamped with article summaries, read time length indicators and imagery to vastly improve the user experience. Users can now see a quick synopsis of a detailed insight and analysis article, the estimated read time gives the user an idea of the length of the article before diving deeper.

‘What’s Hot’ is a new feature present across the entire platform, it displays the trending topics across the VIXIO GamblingCompliance platform, see the most accessed and viewed jurisdictions and topics by all users across the site.

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