We are always looking at ways we can evolve and improve the products and services we deliver to you. That’s why this summer we are launching a new version of VIXIO GamblingCompliance.  

The new solution will provide a step-change in your user-experience, making it easier than ever to stay ahead of regulatory compliance and find new business opportunities.  Below are some of the new features you’ll have access to:

Enhanced Search Functionality

We’ve improved search making it smarter so that you’re able to build complex searches across any filter, including date, content type, sectors, topics and company. The new search adapts the results for different and grouped keyword searches and allows you to filter the most relevant results first. Dive deeper and discover additional related resources and insights to ensure you cover every regulatory angle

We’ve significantly changed the way content is displayed, enhancing the user-interface to make it cleaner and less cluttered, so you’re able to see insights instantly.  We’ve also spent time customising the experience, so you get the information that’s most relevant to you, based on your Watchlist and search terms.  We’ve also added new features like ‘What’s Hot’ that displays trending topics, and ‘VIXIO Picks’ where our experts hand-pick articles with significance. 

Country pages have a brand new layout coupled with the ability to instantly search within a jurisdiction. Quickly see at a glance, the recent developments in any given jurisdiction and any related resources to ensure you never miss a beat. "What's Hot" and "Data & Forecast" sections along with further resources will allow you to dive deeper into the desired jurisdiction.




Enhanced the layout of articles, country reports and pages to enable readers to quickly digest information at a glance. Summaries have been implemented in country reports, along with timelines of recent regulatory updates to track any changes from the jurisdiction, all at a glance. Bullet points on insight articles also give readers a high-level summary before diving into in-depth content. 

If you have any questions or queries about the new VIXIO GamblingCompliance, please contact your account manager or speak to us here

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