GamblingCompliance is currently expanding its research coverage on Africa, gathering all available and reliable information on gambling markets and regulations across the continent, into one repository.
To date, our research reveals that the African gambling market is developing its own particularities, both in regulation and market participants. Overall, although many countries have regulated various forms of land-based gambling, a lot of these laws remain outdated and in need of reform. In terms of remote gambling, many countries are considering regulation with others, such as Tanzania and Kenya, already having specific rules for remote gambling on their statute books. 

From a research perspective, our experience has shown that reliable regulatory and market information on the gambling industry across Africa is not always easily accessible. We have, therefore, focused our efforts on gathering reliable and verified information only, with a focus on primary sources.

Much of the current research is taken from surveys answered by local regulators directly. The research also uses the knowledge, expertise and contacts of GamblingCompliance’s research team, members of which have followed developments in African gambling markets over a number of years, attending the last six Gaming Regulators African Forum (GRAF) conferences in South Africa (three times), Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. 

Our research is being conducted in different phases. The first phase gathers most essential information across a large number of jurisdictions, with the ambition to achieve an equal level of coverage across all the countries we have surveyed. This research will then form the foundation for a much wider and more comprehensive research on the African gambling market.

Currently, our research focuses primarily on the following key points:

  • The legal status of gambling. 
  • The type of regulatory regime in place for each regulated sector.
  • Links to regulations.
  • The relevant regulatory authority. 
  • A list of operators when available.

Moreover, the research covers the following sectors of the African gambling industry:

  • Betting. 
  • Casinos. 
  • Gaming machines. 
  • Lotteries.  
  • Remote gambling. 

Unlike our regular coverage, our Africa regulatory mapping project should be treated as a work in progress. GamblingCompliance will continue to supplement the research with additional statistics and information on legal frameworks for both the countries which are already included in our coverage, as well as for new countries we add to the repository. We welcome all contributions and comments, which help develop and refine our research on the African gambling market.

Insight & Analysis

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Regulatory Research

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