The Spanish Ministry of Consumer Affairs has defended its decision to heavily restrict gambling advertising as opposed to totally prohibiting it like tobacco.
The Norwegian government is looking to restrict gambling marketing by introducing a new amendment to the country’s broadcasting code, after years of struggling to successfully enforce the country’s...
Georgian legislators are lining up to introduce gambling restrictions, as the country grapples with growing concerns on underage gambling and crime associated with the industry.
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) expects to continue tightening gambling ad restrictions after new research about their impact is released next month.
A Republican senator from Arkansas has reintroduced federal legislation targeting internet gambling, and this time, he is asking federal agencies to prepare studies on the impact of the online...
Spain has officially announced its impending gambling advertising restrictions, with the minister responsible for them promising they will be the strictest in Europe, second only to Italy.
The Italian advertising ban is not working, claim a group of angry online operators, who point to a growing market and little assessment of the prohibition’s impact on problem gambling.
Spain is set to restrict gambling advertising to between the hours of 1am and 5am as the first step in a series of government crackdowns, according to local reports.
The new head of the English Premier League has defended gambling sponsorships, even as large UK operators push for them to be examined in the upcoming 2005 Gambling Act review.
Gambling is a "public health problem" and advertising will need regulation because "right now, it is practically the law of the jungle", Spanish minister of consumer affairs Alberto Garzón has said.
Swedish gambling advertising spending fell almost 22 percent over the first 11 months of last year, even as its government minister made repeated calls for restrictions or a ban.
Belgium’s gambling regulator wants politicians to discuss more restrictive gambling advertising regulations and even a potential ban after a damning report revealed that during Belgium’s major...
The harm gambling causes to youngsters will be central to the incoming wave of regulation under a new UK government, experts said at GambleAware’s annual conference on Thursday.
Google is preparing to update its gambling and games advertising policy to allow for operators licensed in several U.S. states to promote online casinos.
LeoVegas has been handed what is a pivotal first penalty for breaching Italy’s advertising ban — a decision that could trigger dramatic legal challenges to the controversial decree.
The UK’s advertising code watchdogs have launched a public consultation on amendments that would allow for children and young people to appear in adverts for lottery providers promoting their...
Chances are high of significant restrictions on gambling advertising in Spain because of a public and political clamour for action, according to panellists at a recent gambling conference.
An amended voluntary gambling advertising code promoted by Jdigital, a Spanish online gambling trade group, would set limits on bonus advertising and the use of sports stars, but it would not bar...
Georgia’s national public broadcaster will not accept any gambling adverts from the start of next year as it believes that there are clear growing public concerns surrounding the societal impact of...
Lithuania has added even tougher limits to its already harsh advertising rules, as the country’s gross gaming revenue dramatically increased in 2019.