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Latest Insights & Analysis

17th Sep 2019
David Altaner

Austrian State's Draft Law Critiqued Over In-Play Bet Ban

The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) has voiced concerns about Lower Austria's proposed retail and online betting legislation, which includes limits on stakes per bet plus a ban on...

17th Sep 2019
Jaroslaw Adamowski

Polish Bookmaker, National Lottery Operator Invest In Online Gambling

Poland’s largest bookmaker STS has bought a stake in Swedish-listed Better Collective as part of a drive to expand its international presence, while the country’s state-owned lottery operator pays...

17th Sep 2019
James Kilsby

Brazil Betting Decree Proposes 'Bad Actor' Ban

Companies applying for sports-betting licenses in Brazil would have to affirm that neither they nor their technology providers have ever operated illegally in “regulated markets”, according to a...

17th Sep 2019
Matt Carey

Fox Bet Focuses On Familiar Free-To-Play Model For NFL Broadcasts

Although the Fox Bet brand is unlikely to receive much exposure on National Football League (NFL) broadcasts in the near future, The Stars Group (TSG) will continue to integrate its “Fox Sports Super...


30th Jan 2019

GamblingCompliance signs up for SBC’s Betting on Football & Betting on Sports...

11th Jan 2019

Report: Sports Betting Footprint Will Grow To Include 17 States, DC In '19


4th Dec 2018

Linda Mullan, Head of Group Legal, Better Collective

The Challenge


14th Nov 2018

A cascade of regulatory pressures is set to slow the growth of the UK's online...

Research & Reports

Special Report: Apple's Guidelines for Gambling Apps

11th Sep 2019

As technology companies’ regulations begin to have a greater impact on businesses in other sectors, the US technology giant Apple has begun to tackle the issue of policing gambling-related apps...

Practical Guide: Consultation on Draft Regulation on Remote Games of...

11th Sep 2019

This practical guide was written by the Gambling Practice Group at Kalff Katz & Franssen. For more information, please see About the Authors, below. 

The Netherlands is moving towards opening a...

Special Report: Distributed Gaming In U.S. States

6th Sep 2019

Although many states restrict Las Vegas-style slot machines to commercial and tribal casinos, a handful of U.S. gaming jurisdictions also permit limited-stakes video lottery terminals (VLTs) or video...

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