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Latest Insights & Analysis

14th Dec 2018
Matt Carey

No Increase In Gambling Addiction With Casinos In Massachusetts, Study Finds

Researchers say that a comprehensive study of the effects of gaming expansion in Massachusetts did not show a correlating increase in problem gambling issues.

14th Dec 2018
Chris Sieroty

Washington State Talks Sports Betting; Kentucky Urged To Approve Integrity Fee

In 1973, when the Gambling Act was first passed in Washington state, 100 square sports pool boards were allowed, but single-game wagers, parlay bets, office sports pools and fantasy sports have...

13th Dec 2018
David Altaner

UK Gambling Group Sets Voluntary TV Sports Ad Ban As Scrutiny Grows

The Industry Group for Responsible Gambling has confirmed a “whistle to whistle” voluntary ban on television sports-betting advertising before a 9pm watershed, a ban that will include an end to...

13th Dec 2018
Harrison Sayers

Google Fined In Russia For Failing To Block Access To Banned Sites

Russia’s telecoms watchdog Roskomnadzor has fined Google for failing to block access to a list of banned internet sites that includes unlicensed gambling operators.


25th Sep 2018

Tommaso Di Chio, Senior Legal and Regulatory Counsel, Kambi...

25th Sep 2018

Jonathan Edson, Senior Vice President, Business Development, FanDuel...

21st Sep 2018

The new Swedish Online Gambling Framework Video summarises the key features...

Research & Reports

Virginia State Report

11th Dec 2018

Virginia offers a fairly limited gaming market consisting of a state lottery, charitable gaming and pari-mutuel wagering. As markets to the north of the commonwealth continue to expand gaming...

Practical Guide: Affiliates in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

11th Dec 2018

This report by GamblingCompliance outlines significant regulatory and licensing matters regarding marketing affiliates in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Q&A: Sports Betting in Pennsylvania

5th Dec 2018

This report provides a comprehensive summary of the regulatory regime for sports betting in Pennsylvania.

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