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Latest Insights & Analysis

28th Oct 2020
Matt Carey

U.S. Sports-Betting Execs Wary Of Potential Advertising Backlash

Executives from several sports-betting operators acknowledge that regulatory pushback to excessive advertising in the United States is a very real threat in the coming years as sportsbooks battle for...

27th Oct 2020
Harrison Sayers

UK Battle Lines Drawn Over Football Gambling Advertising

The English Football League has spoken out against suggestions of a complete ban on gambling sponsorships in a bid to protect what it deems a vital revenue stream during a time of financial crisis.

27th Oct 2020
David Altaner

Gambling Eclipsed All Over Europe As Coronavirus Infections Surge

Casinos, betting shops and other gambling venues are once again being shut or having their hours restricted all over Europe, as coronavirus infections rise.

27th Oct 2020
Joe Ewens

Austrian Gamblers Gaining Ground In Legal War To Reclaim Losses

Austrian gamblers seeking to reclaim more than €30m of online casino losses are making headway against unlicensed operators, claims a lawyer pursuing more than 500 cases.

Research & Reports

Argentina Country Report

13th May 2020

In Argentina, gambling regulation falls to each of the country’s 23 independent provinces and the autonomous city of Buenos Aires. Both the province and city of Buenos Aires are working towards...

Practical Guide: Affiliates in Regulated U.S. Markets

12th May 2020

This report by GamblingCompliance outlines significant regulatory and licensing matters regarding marketing affiliates in regulated states.

Finland Country Report

11th May 2020

Although the government is currently working on a reform of the Lotteries Act, the proposal will not focus on opening the market to foreign operators. 

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