A parliamentary inquiry into Kenya’s gambling industry begins, while a casino is opened in Santa Claus’ hometown in Lapland, Finland.
The Kenyan government has urged casinos to step up efforts against suspicious transactions in an attempt to crack down on funding of Somali extremists Al-Shabaab and other terrorist groups. 
Kenyan casino operators have said that “exaggerated” travel warnings from Western countries have severely damaged the industry and put thousands out of work.
The South African gambling market showed modest growth in 2013 as casino revenue stalled but gambling machines and sports betting saw double digit growth, according to a recently published report.
Kenya’s Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) and the country’s local governments are in a dispute over who should control the issuing of online and land-based gambling licences in the country. 
Casino operators in Kenya have filed a court petition challenging a new 20 percent winnings tax that they say “could kill the industry”.
African governments are failing their people by pursuing online gambling operators in court when they should be drafting standards to legitimate the industry, according to gambling administrators...
Nigeria has moved to step up control of mobile lotteries, after the country’s Communications Commission agreed to back the national lottery operator and would-be regulator this week.
Canadian gaming firm Amaya Gaming Group is beefing up its African-facing business, with investments in new online and mobile offerings in Kenya and Uganda.
African telecoms operators desperately need SMS lotteries to retain customers in Africa’s fast developing mobile markets, but the crossover with gambling has brought a backlash from regulators.