A German ban on revenue-sharing deals will push affiliates out of the market and unleash a wave of mergers and acquisitions, but will not totally kill the industry, an affiliate has predicted.
After a legal blockade was dislodged on Friday, Hesse's Darmstadt Regional Council quickly approved 15 sports-betting licences comprising about 75 percent of the German market. 
GVC Holdings said it has been awarded four sports-betting licences in Germany that it expects will allow it to offer legalised sports betting there by early 2021.
October 15 marks a "very threatening situation" for online gambling affiliates targeting the German market, as advertising of games of chance becomes banned, one attorney has said.
German states have signed off on the details of an online gambling toleration agreement largely welcomed by operators, but who are unnerved they have only two weeks to comply with most of it.
Playtech predicts a smoother ride to US success than big-spending operators, Armenia faces new retail distance limits and Penn National sees Philadelphia lawsuit dropped.
German states have agreed to allow tolerance of some kinds of online casino gambling if operators adopt the stringent requirements planned for Summer 2021 early.
Veikkaus issues profit warning, US Interior Department approves two new Oklahoma gaming compacts and Japanese lawmaker re-arrested ahead of IR bribery trial.
English casinos to reopen after delay, Marc Etches to exit as GambleAware boss and Massachusetts puts off table game return.
Key questions about the German central gambling authority that Saxony-Anhalt has been tasked with forming are not clear, according to a local media account of parliamentary proceedings.