After more than a decade of false dawns, the Netherlands finally ratified its Online Gambling Act in February 2019, in the process confirming that one of Europe’s last remaining major grey markets is definitively heading for full online regulation.

Between now and an expected market launch, at the earliest, in early 2021, there remain many unanswered questions.

Reams of secondary regulations still need to be approved and the status of what will happen to those operators who have been fined or warned by the Dutch regulator is uncertain. 

Grey market "cowboys" could face a cooling-off period or worse, the government has warned, and the regulator has indicated it is not finished with enforcement action yet.

On the land-based front, the proposed privatisation of Holland Casino is hanging by a thread.

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Insight & Analysis

The Netherlands Gambling Authority (KSA) will do everything in its power to prevent a backlash against gambling when regulation launches, its chairman has said.

Dutch cooling-off periods could lead to a marketing blitz and matching consumer backlash, a gambling trade group executive has warned.

The Dutch regulator has said it "goes without saying" that the country’s land-based gambling monopolies will be dismantled.

Regulatory Research

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