Consumer discontent with gambling advertising has reached breaking point in a range of jurisdictions around the world, with a wave of restrictions currently sweeping across Europe.

Gambling adverts have been totally outlawed by Italy’s new populist government, while in the UK new Gambling Commission powers all but guarantee tougher enforcement against operators who breach responsible marketing guidelines.

In both Belgium and Spain there are impending changes to legislation that will restrict the ability to advertise gambling and in several other countries the subject remains high on the political agenda.

For the purpose of this map we defined allowed, partially prohibited, prohibited and not regulated as follows:

  • Allowed: Some restrictions commonly found in most jurisdictions — such as the prohibition of gambling advertising aimed at minors, misleading advertising, advertising that portrays gambling as a solution to financial problems or as a way to social success, an obligation to include warning messages, prohibition of advertising of unlicensed operators, foreign games of chance or banned forms of gambling, etc. — may apply. For the purpose of this map, jurisdictions that only have these common restrictions in place were not flagged as partiallly prohibited as these provisions only represent a moderate level of restriction. 
  • Partially prohibited: We flagged jurisdictions as partially prohibiting advertising, which have in place significant restrictions applicable to licensed operators including prohibition of advertising of some type of gambling activities, exclusion of some means of communication of the advertising, limitation of the time of allowed advertising, etc.
  • Prohibited: A prohibition of gambling advertising applicable to all operators apart from the state owned operators is in place.
  • Not regulated: The topic of gambling advertising is not considered by national legislation.

Interactive map up to date as of February 3, 2020.

See below for GamblingCompliance’s coverage of regulatory developments affecting gambling advertising.

Insight & Analysis

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